It’s a good question! There are plenty of resources out there telling you what you need, but we know that every organization is different. Some of these suggestions won’t apply to you or your situation. So how do you figure it out?

Data is Worth More Than Gold

Every email you’ve ever sent and every page you’ve ever published has metrics attached to it. Going back through to review them can reveal surprising patterns and show you where you should shift your focus. Do certain subject lines resonate with your audience better? That’s something to look at and work into your strategy!

Testing Takes You Far

Speaking of subject lines, are you A/B testing yours? What about your H1s? Does the color of your CTA affect your click-thru rates? Texting can help you fine-tune your efforts in a way that saves time and effort. No more creating assets that don’t serve you. You’re building customer profiles, you’re targeting with specificity, and you’re streamlining your processes.

Time It Out

Which of your tasks take the most time? Which ones take the least? Which ones could you be doing faster? Getting a good idea of your time allotment can give you good direction since so many of these tiny, time-consuming tasks can be automated. Have your team log their time, and then see what you can cut out!

Survey Says…

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking your customers. Send out a survey or set up a call with them to ask what’s working for them. What’s a service you offer that they like best? What’s a service you’re offering that they didn’t think they’d need, but it surprised them? What brought them to you in the first place? Whatever their pain points and needs, they’re not alone in them. Market to those points and secure those conversions!

Have Some Team Time

No one knows what you do better than your team. They interact with your customers, they create your assets, and they review your data. They’re experts in their various fields, so why not leverage that expertise? Ask your designers how your visual assets can improve and see if your devs can cut down load times. Anyone can have a game-changing idea, so you need to create an environment where they can be expressed!

Know Thy Enemy

Your competition is a wealth of information. They’re doing the same research and experimentation that you are, and you can tell from their assets what they’ve learned. Subscribe to their newsletters and watch their social pages. Review their earnings if they’re publicly available. Cheesy as it sounds, the more you know them, the more you know yourself.  This is why we offer Monthly Marketing Insights to all our SLX Subscribers- imagine getting a monthly digest of what all your competitors have been up to straight into your email inbox!

You'll never go wrong when you have a healthy curiosity and a mind for data. You already have so many of the tools you need to build long-lasting effective strategies, it just requires that you keep track of everything and explore all avenues.

If you need help with any of this, SLX might be for you! We’ve done it all and we’ll do it again! For you! 

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