Picture this, your organization has an event coming up. Multiple emails will be sent out to remind prospects to register and thank them for signing up. Suddenly you’re faced with the daunting task of making sure the content is consistent across the board. What if a link for last month’s event is used? Or the date is different in one reminder email than the rest. With the Winter 20’ release of snippets, this is an issue of the past!
Snippets is a tool that can be utilized through all list emails and email templates that are connected to your connected campaigns and have been upgraded to HML. It eliminates the need for tedious small updates on multiple emails. All you need to create reusable content on a campaign is to create a snippet, assign it to your campaign, and begin making your life simpler.

Uses For Snippets:

Engagement Studio Emails: this is a recurring headache for Account Engagement (Pardot) users – Engagement Studio must use email templates, which exist independent from one another. When you need to update a template, each template must be edited, one-by-one. Using Snippets instead will mean you can edit from the Snippet editor, and those changes will be rolled out to each template using the Snippet!
Email Banners: Switch out header images in your emails by using image Snippets.
Client Testimonials: Add client testimonials easily through the snippets tool.
Event Location: Have an event with one standardized location? Add that location associated with a campaign to snippets.
Webinar Registration Links: For recurring webinars that are continuously promoted, one after one.

Setting it up:

Snippets are best created through the Salesforce Campaign Interface. In order to use Snippets you or your admin will need to edit your Campaign Page Layouts. This can be achieved by going to Salesforce setup and searching for campaigns in the Object Manager.
Next, go to Page Layouts and drag the Snippet Assignment related list onto the layout. In order to add a permission set to more users you will need to stay in Salesforce setup and search for Snippets. Check on Object Settings. From there you and your admin can decide the best way to create Permission Set. This is a flexible permission that can be applied to multiple users if they spread through multiple platforms.

Applying Your Snippets:

Snippets can have countless use cases to make your life easier! They aren’t just limited to text, Snippets can also be used for images, links, and dates. All of which can keep your campaign’s consistent across all emails!
Helpful Tip: In order for snippets to work properly, they have to be associated with the same campaign as the template.
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