Knowledge is everywhere. It’s easier to access than ever before, and there are many avenues that people can take advantage of in order to find the answers to their questions. The search engine is tried and true, but the shifting landscape of social media has given rise to new kinds of knowledge bases, for better or for worse.

So what do you focus on? Obviously, your website will still be incredibly important, but if you’re looking to reach new audiences, where should you set up social media knowledge bases? Let’s break ‘em down.

TikTok on the Clock, But The Party Don’t Stop

Starting off strong, we have the former lipsync app that is now the main source of information for millions of people worldwide.

When people want to know how to do something, or they’re looking for news right from the front lines, TikTok is where they go. Their search feature lets you ask questions, the information they’re looking for comes in succinct, easily digestible bites, and when people find an account they like, they tend to scan through the other videos on that channel. People build entire lives off of this app.

TikTok represents the shift to video that most of the internet has been experiencing. It’s one of the best ways to connect with your prospects, deliver information, and raise your brand awareness. Quick tutorials, podcast snippets, and other short videos showing your value can go a long way on TikTok. With US TikTok ad revenues estimated to hit $8.62 billion in 2024 and their grip on the Gen Z market, TikTok should definitely be on the radar of your marketing department.

Spread Your Influence with Instagram

Another platform doing a lot with video is Instagram. As anyone who scrolls Insta stories for hours can tell you, there’s been an algorithm shift on the site itself designed to favor video. If you put video on your profile, you’re much more likely to be seen by the world at large. A strange move for a platform that built everything on the sharing of still images, but they clearly felt the heat from TikTok.

Instagram offers options to sell products and has been widely utilized for years by celebrities, brands, and everyone else for a good while now. The user base is massive, and people regularly use it to communicate. There are also plenty of research materials and time-tested strategies that have been developed over the years that you can review in order to boost your presence and effectiveness. Just keep in mind that stories and videos are going to get the algorithm on your side. You’re also able to crosspost to Facebook, which brings us to…

Facebook (Yeah, It’s Still Around)

While it may not be as widely talked about as the other social media platforms, Facebook is still an incredibly influential platform. With the massive built-in user base, you can target users by interests, and their retargeting ads can do wonders for your conversion rates in your other marketing channels.

It’s one of those platforms that everyone knows, and it’s so widely used that many businesses use it as their main online presence. We don’t recommend that for your B2B endeavors, but anywhere you can make contact with a large group of users is going to benefit you.

This is another platform where video is on the rise, so keep that in mind when developing your strategies for this OG social media platform, along with the fact that people don’t use this one to find information as much. This one isn’t replacing the search engine anytime soon.

Attack of the Microblogs

This is where things have gotten a bit tricky lately, but don’t count the microblog out yet.

Twitter is still the main platform when it comes to short bursts of information (even though it’s called ‘X’ now, which is certainly a choice), but it’s not without pitfalls. It still has a huge user base, the trending topics and hashtags are still excellent when it comes to cultivating real-time engagement and starting conversations, and it can let you connect with a wider audience! 

People also routinely use it like a search engine to find relevant information, so if you’re linking to blogs you’ve written or posting videos, it can be a real game-changer.

Unfortunately, due to a relatively recent management change, there’s a good amount of chaos happening behind the scenes. News outlets no longer have their headlines accompanying their links to articles (again, certainly a choice), the algorithm changes an awful lot which makes it hard to strategize, it’s been implied that links to other sites could be limited in the future, and you need to pay monthly to promote tweets. All of this can be a lot to work around when it comes to providing information to potential prospects. 

Also, keep in mind that Twitter users are now incentivized for engagement. Combine this with the fact that a lot of users who were banned for a variety of offenses had their accounts reinstated, and you have a platform with a notable amount of misinformation going around, so it’s much less likely that people will use it as an info hub.

It’s still worth advertising on for now, but we encourage you to keep an eye on their policies as well as the rising Twitter competitors such as Bluesky and Threads. If any of them start taking off in a significant way, you’re going to want to get in on the ground floor.

Getting on these platforms and spreading your knowledge can be a huge benefit to you as long as your strategy is sound. Social media isn’t going anywhere, but the way it’s used is always changing. Having a team dedicated to your social media presence is going to ensure that you’re making the right moves and prevent your organization from falling into any common pitfalls. 

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