As a marketing professional, you probably already know that social proof is one of the most powerful tools you’ve got. When you can show prospects that other consumers have benefitted from your services, they’re multitudes more likely to take a chance on what you have to offer.

Here are our primo, top-tier, executive-level tips for getting the most out of your happy customers and spreading the word about how amazing you are.

Share Your Achievements

Did you hit a milestone number of users or downloads? Share it everywhere! This will show your growth, and let potential partners know that you’re making major moves in your market.

Proudly Display Testimonials On Your Site

If someone said something really nice about how you’ve helped them or changed their way of doing things, don’t be afraid to share! Put that review big and bold on your relevant pages. A lot of the time, the reviewer will even let you use their name and picture, giving it more weight!

Hype Up Your Reach

A simple but effective source of impressive stats can be where your products are used, how many people use them, or how many were sold. Any of these or other stats about general use can be compiled into one statement and will look impressive to anyone happening across your content!

Farm Those Nice Words

No harm in asking, right? When you have a happy customer, it’s completely okay to ask if they’d consider leaving a review! If they’re happy with your product or service, there’s a decent chance that they’ll be happy to. If you include asking in your workflow, you’ll have a steady stream of social proof to harvest!

Talk Back on Social Media

Not in a disrespectful way! When people engage with your organization on social media, that’s exactly what they want: Engagement. Responding shows that you’re listening to feedback, and it gives you a great opportunity to have fun with the people following you. It just makes you look good!

Get on Their Case!

The perfect blend of data, storytelling, and endorsement, a case study is something you can proudly display on your site or hand out on a physical piece of paper at a tradeshow. They take some time to produce but done correctly, they’re always worth doing.

And The Award Goes To…

If you have accolades, then you need to display them! That’s what they’re for! If your teammates are certified in specific programs of techniques, call it out! If you win a customer service award, show it off! If you show that award-giving organizations can vouch for you, then you’re doing great!

Marketing is just as much your prospects hearing from you as it is them hearing from their peers. If you’re getting people talking in a good way, hold a megaphone up to them! Let the world hear!

Want to make sure your social proof is in the correct places in your marketing materials? Want to make sure your assets have the premium design aesthetics that are sure to catch the eye of new potential partners? That’s exactly what we’re here for! Schedule your free demo today while we have open slots available, and together, we can rock the marketing world!

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