Recently, Salesforce has released the notes for their summer release. Included are multiple interest points to not only optimize your Pardot and Salesforce experience, but also maximize your ROI and reach prospects on all campaigns. Check out the list below to keep up with the 2020 release.
Pro-tip: Pardot is retiring B2B Marketing Analytics Legacy Apps. Be sure to migrate all datasets over to B2B Marketing Analytics 2.0

Sandboxes for Pardot:

This long-awaited release of Developer Sandboxes for Pardot brings a new ability to Pardot Advanced and Pardot Premium. Sandboxes provide a copy of your organization’s live production environment that you can run staging and testing in without risk. Another benefit of Pardot Sandboxes is the capacity to integrate using the Pardot API or feature updates.

Pardot Einstein Attribution:

Einstein Attribution is there to override rules-based attribution. This AI-driven tool is there to “attribute revenue share based on your actual customers, their engagement, and your successes.” Essentially, this tool will help you work smarter, save time, and gain traction towards more ROI. Using Einstein in Pardot as your method of attribution is a major advancement from rules-based influence models.

Simpler Interface For Pardot Data Flows

There is a new and simpler way to create datasets. You can now tailor-make these datasets by seeing which fields interact better with each other. Additionally, you’re also able to select and deselect the field that you wish to include.

Managing Pardot Users Within Salesforce:

When creating users who will work within both Pardot and Salesforce, a major frustration can be having to create them once for each platform. With this new update user management, you will no longer have to create a user in two places. Instead, you’ll be able to avoid duplicates and extra levels of complexity by creating them only once in Salesforce.

Marketing Campaign Intelligence App:

This new Pardot app only allows your predictive aptitude to increase as it puts two straightforward dashboards in one place. It brings the Campaign Engagement dashboard and the Campaign Performance dashboard together to assist with a better understanding of the relationships that are hidden within your data flow and helps plan the best next steps for future campaigns.
These new updates can be applied in limitless ways to your Pardot and Salesforce space. Providing the ability to do things like further understand how to update your approach to campaigns in order to achieve maximum return, as well as how to plan your organization’s next step.
Questions about these summer releases? Fill out the form and a Pardot expert will be in touch to answer your questions and help you learn how you can revolutionize your Pardot and Salesforce experience.
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