A great pricing page can be a major differentiator between you and your competition. Every prospect who purchases from you ends up using the pricing page at least once, so making it *POP* is an easy way to pull ahead of the rest of the pack.

Streamline The Design

Your design should be straightforward with one goal in mind: converting those page visitors into sales. First, you need to make sure your CTAs are easily and quickly found on the page along with the product information.

Use high contrast colors to highlight your most important points, and try including lots of white space to make sure the information has room to breathe.

Good Copy, Good ROI

The copy for your pricing page is vital. Good. Copy. Sells. So if your copy is overcomplicated, and makes the process confusing for prospects, then you’ve lost yourself a huge stream of potential revenue. Pare down your copy so that only the important points are listed and relevant.

A good tip to remember is to use numbers and availability to increase urgency, show how much it is, and show what you’ll receive with the product.

Pro-Tip: If you’re providing a premium product with a high price tag, sometimes including all the prices can be a bit daunting to a prospect. We recommend only including the starting price, as it’s going to be much more digestible.

Utilize Information Hierarchy

If a prospect is overwhelmed with what they’re being presented, it can drive them away. Too much information, and they aren’t even reading it anymore. Their eyes might be reading the words, but their minds are on autopilot. We don’t want that.

We want them to retain the information you’re giving them. As stated above, one way to eliminate info bloat is to simply reduce your copy down to the finer points, but another great way is to use the hierarchy of information.

With this technique, your plans and their benefits should be listed first, above the fold of the page. Any additional information can be listed below tha, and that way your prospects have the opportunity to seek out more information if they’d like, or just click the main CTAs if they feel like skipping the bulk of the copy.

Use Additional Buyer Enticement

Maybe your prospects are still on the fence about purchasing. It’s a big decision, after all. You can hardly blame them! Maybe they need that little extra push, right? Why not give them some additional enticement by adding either a Request a Demo or Free Trial option before purchasing?

Prove to them that they need your product, and you're willing to show them how! Demonstrate your value! You know you’re the best option, all you need to do is show them what you already know!

Just be sure to create an engagement studio for after the prospect has completed the demo/trial. Keeping them engaged is key.

Additional Beneficial Elements To Include:

  • A FAQ section to answer common questions
  • Highlight the best/recommended option to purchase
  • Utilize charm pricing (i.e. instead of $1000, make it $999)
  • Add a testimonial section to build trust

Don’t let planning a good pricing page fall by the wayside. Follow the concepts and ideas detailed above, and you’ll start to see happier customer interactions across the board!

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