Email newsletters have become interwoven with Account Engagement (Pardot). Your organization’s newsletter can be used for any number of purposes, including providing clients with useful content tailored directly to them, promoting new products, or simply fostering continual engagement with your prospects. However, if no one is receiving the content then it serves no purpose, which is why promoting your newsletter is incredibly important. Promoting newsletters can take many forms. Here are several strategies we recommend to gain new prospects for your newsletter.

Planning: Consider Your Audience

No one knows an organization’s prospects and clients better than someone who is involved with them on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, you may already have prospects primed and prepped to receive your newsletter content! Review your Account Engagement (Pardot) lists and determine if you've already collected prospects that would benefit from your newsletter.

Outreach: Finding New Audiences

You may initially feel as though you should keep your website and your Account Engagement (Pardot) environment separate, but both an organization’s website and email environment should always work together to maximize reach.

This concept still rings true when it comes to promoting your newsletter. Make sure the prospects visiting your website can easily find where to sign up for your newsletter so they start to receive that content. This is a straightforward way to glean new newsletter engagement but can be glossed over and not utilized properly. Adding a link or button on your homepage for sign up can help with this.

Cultivation: Promote Through Engagement Studios

Another way to reach new prospects is to get your audience to sign up for the newsletter through an engagement studio.

Creating an engagement studio focused on newsletter cultivation can be incredibly beneficial for you and your business! A breakdown of several helpful emails to include can look like what we’ve included below:

Initial Promotion Email: Includes promotion to encourage signing up for the newsletter. This can include several reasons for them to do so, examples of the content they might see, and a CTA to drive sign up.

Reminder Email: Sent to people who haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, this email can illustrate several additional benefits and reasons that may not have been mentioned in the initial email touch.

Thank You Email: This email is for prospects who did sign up for the newsletter. Include a brief thank you note to them for signing up, and a CTA to drive these sign-ups back to your website.

Promoting your email newsletter is just as important as having one. Without the promotion of your newsletter, prospects may not know it exists in the first place. This can cause a massive missed opportunity for your organization, and the content you're trying to distribute.

Try following some of our tips above and start properly promoting your newsletter today!

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