Retaining Customers Using Account Engagement (Pardot)

It can be easy to only chase after prospective customers, forgetting to even consider your current ones. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s the path you should follow. Your current customers are a valuable resource just as much as new ones are, and keeping them happy should be just as high on your list of priorities. You can have the highest transition from prospect to customer possible, but if you can’t hold on to your customers, then you have a much larger issue.

Retaining Customers Using Account Engagement (Pardot)

First and foremost in retaining your customer base is letting them know you care. Developing an email that reaches out and lets your customers know you’re thinking about them can help! Try creating a short email and sending it through Account Engagement (Pardot) reminding them to reach out if they need anything.

Develop Offers Tailored To Them

Another great solution to retaining your customer base is to create offers tailored to them. This can be something like offering them the opportunity to win a gift card or setting up referral programs. A referral program might look something like giving current customers a discount on their product or a prize for referring your organization to someone else.


Create a Longer-Term Drip

Engagement studios offer the opportunity to develop long term solutions to retaining your customer base. Try setting one up that includes materials reminding your customers of all the services and products you offer that they may have forgotten. It can also be a chance to increase perceived value by providing customers with additional resources like white papers, blog posts, and infographics.

The current clientele that you provide services to are an invaluable resource that shouldn’t be ignored. Although it might be tempting to put all your energy and resources into pursuing new prospects and opportunities, always keep in mind the customers that you want to continue to provide services to. Utilizing the tips above can be a great start to keeping your current clients satisfied, which in the long run will help with bringing in even more new customers (because happy customers brag to their friends and colleagues!)

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