Salesforce has only become a more essential enterprise tool as time has passed. With their new acquisition of Slack offering lots of promising possibilities, it’s important to analyze how you’re using your Salesforce and make sure you know about all the powerful tools that can make using it even easier.

List View Is Your Friend

List views can be anything from “Recently Viewed” to “My Open Leads.” It’s another way to filter your Salesforce information and help with overall productivity when using Salesforce. An additional way to take advantage of these list views is to create your own custom ones.

Creating new list views affords you the opportunity to sort information in a hierarchy which allows you to always see exactly what you need when you need it. The can mean sorting by “New Leads” and “Closed Leads”, or any other information you want to be able to quickly access and view without digging in too far.

Utilize Favorites

The Favorites tool in Salesforce is an incredibly easy tool to use, yet many users and accounts neglect to do so. It allows you to favorite a dashboard or a page that will now be quickly available by your icon at the top of the Salesforce screen. This way, your most pressing dashboards are always only a simple click away.

Global Actions & Their Capabilities

Global Actions is another tool that is quickly accessible beside your icon in the top right corner. You’ll have standard quick actions available like New Task, New Contact, and New Case. These are incredibly helpful for increasing productivity. You can also have an admin create custom Global Actions to be available in this menu.

Chatter When Working With Teams

Salesforce’s Chatter tool can be easily glossed over, but is an excellent tool for keeping track of collaboration amongst teams. It appears as the little bell icon at the top of your environment. You use it in Salesforce where you can upload files and @ your manager to make sure they’re seeing the relevant information.

Your Salesforce environment should be as productive as you are. Ensuring that you are set up to use the best tools available is a great step towards staying on top of every new lead, record, and dashboard utilization.

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