Account Engagement (Pardot) Forms

Considering how intimidating forms can be to set up, it’s tempting to convince yourself that form handlers are the way to go rather than Account Engagement (Pardot) native forms. But don’t be fooled, Account Engagement (Pardot) forms provide far more capabilities and control. If you’re worried about matching them to your organization’s style, check out our Customizing Your Account Engagement (Pardot) Forms Guide where you can learn how to customize the code to match your branding.

Marketing Campaign Intelligence App:

This new Account Engagement (Pardot) app only allows your predictive aptitude to increase as it puts two straightforward dashboards in one place. It brings the Campaign Engagement dashboard and the Campaign Performance dashboard together to assist with a better understanding of the relationships that are hidden within your data flow and helps plan the best next steps for future campaigns.

Progressive Profiling

When it comes to the list of things that can be achieved through Account Engagement (Pardot) native forms, the possibilities are endless. One major benefit is something a lot of Account Engagement (Pardot) users don’t know about: Progressive Profiling! This is a tool that can be used similarly to dynamic content to customize what a prospect sees based on past activity. It works by hiding or showing certain form fields based on previously collected information for each prospect.

Automation Data

Using native Account Engagement (Pardot) forms, you can pull data to create various resources for future use. These resources include rule criteria, actions, and dynamic lists that can become building blocks for automation rules or even entire Engagement Studio drips. This is a great way to continually use the data produced from past campaigns and save yourself tons of time and effort by automating as much of your workflow as possible. Imagine triggers based on “viewed but not completed” actions.

Customizable Thank your Content

It’s incredibly easy to add a custom “Thank You” message to Account Engagement (Pardot) forms. The form builder provides a user-friendly way to type whatever message you’d like. You can keep it simple with just a thank you message, or use the opportunity to link prospects to more of your content. Adjusting dynamic, variable thank you messages, also could not be simpler.

Add Content Above & Below

One super efficient way to add content above or below your Account Engagement (Pardot) forms has already been integrated into the form builder. You can place whatever you want in the “Above” and “Below” form section. This makes scenarios like adding a custom logo (including co-branding through dynamic content) above a form much quicker and easier, as it can all be done in one step when you first create the form.

Invisible Bot Protections

Every Account Engagement (Pardot) form has built-in protection from bots by way of a conditional CAPTCHA. Your prospects won’t even know it’s there, but it will help you prevent spam submissions. Want an extra layer of security? Just tick a box and you can add a reCAPTCHA to your forms for good measure.
The benefits of using Account Engagement (Pardot) forms instead of form handlers on your organization’s website are massive! You will enjoy so many more options and abilities when it comes to making choices about your forms. So what are you waiting for? Try it out!
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