It should always be an organization’s goal to make every prospect feel like they’re having the best possible experience, but did you know that you can take it a step further? Using what is known as the “VIP Status Tactic”, you can make prospects feel like they are part of an exclusive group receiving extra elite service. The creme of the crop. Top dogs. Giving them VIP status makes them feel like they’re wearing high fashion sunglasses, and through those fancy lenses, they’re better able to see themselves following through your sales funnel.

How To Implement

The game plan for implementing “VIP Status” campaigns into your digital marketing is multi-faceted and has several avenues for success. In order to have a successfully implemented campaign, you need content, design, and strategy. Making sure it’s properly created and implemented is going to give you better results across the board. If the prospects feel like they have been specially selected to be part of your campaign, and there is a sense of urgency in their participation, then that’s a successful campaign.


Creating content that appears “VIP” in nature should make your prospects feel not only like they’re part of something exclusive, but also that they need to act quickly, or they may not be able to take part in the VIP program.

Focus on using words like reserved, exclusive, and inviting to help convey the special nature of what you’re trying to get your prospects to be a part of. Everyone wants to be allowed through the velvet rope, or to have the private table with special service, and you can tap into that desire for decadence.


When creating designs focused around “VIP Status”, consider the idea of what makes something VIP in a prospect’s mind. Whether it’s a landing page, email series, or any other collateral needed, you’ll want to focus on the idea of luxury. Using elements like marble or gold can help fuel the feeling of luxury, wealth, and prosperity, but also be sure to remain aware if those elements are right for your organization.

If something that on-the-nose isn’t the right fit for your brand, focus on clean and crisp elegant design to help convey the same idea.


A plan for how to use the “VIP Status Tactic” doesn’t have to be built from the ground up. If an organization has a product or service that they want to increase engagement on, this tactic can still be used.

Pick an element you’d like to elevate for your brand and apply the tactic listed above on a campaign. Make sure to check engagement and keep track of ROI to see how effective it was and where you can fix your mistakes.

Every prospect wants to feel like they’re special to an organization they’re using. Making prospects feel like they are VIPs never fails to help engage and push forward ROI on campaigns.

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