There are so many different tools within Account Engagement (Pardot) that it’s perfectly understandable that you would overlook some of them while in pursuit of marketing greatness. There’s a lot to look at and even more to understand! However, if you aren’t leaving time to explore all that you have available to you, your marketing could be suffering needlessly.

If one of those forgotten features is Account Engagement (Pardot) tags, allow us to help you course correct!

Get Familiar With ‘Tags’

For the uninitiated, a tag is a label that you can apply to your marketing assets (emails, forms, landing pages, and prospects). They’re used to categorize and organize your assets and make them easier to find and manage.

They’re completely customizable as well, meaning you can make all the tags you want. As many and as varied as make sense for your organization. It’s very easy, and it can make your Account Engagement (Pardot) life an awful lot easier.

Stop Using Account Engagement (Pardot) in ‘Hard Mode’

Tags make things easier. It makes your assets much more searchable, so you don’t have to waste time looking through everything to find what you need. Tags let you organize by region, year, and any other category your efficiency-minded heart desires! You can even pull reports based on your tags, which can be invaluable!

Automation Made Better

Organizing is a great start, but did you also know that tagging can be used to trigger automation rules? This is why you’ll want to use tags specific to your organization that you’ll be able to utilize with ease. “Month”, “year”, and “quarter” are good date ranges that have multiple strategic uses, and if you’re dabbling in different kinds of events such as trade shows or webinars, you can make those tags as well.

You can even edit tags after creating them, so if there’s a tag that needs to be divided into more specific categories, that can be done. If you’re too specific, you can bring them all together under one tag. You’re never locked into your categorizations.

Tags are just one piece of the Account Engagement (Pardot) puzzle, and we know how to assemble the entire picture. Building your knowledge base is key to succeeding in the marketing world with a tool like Account Engagement (Pardot), and we’re a reservoir of experience.

Work with us! Learn from us! You will find yourself in a much better place than you were before, and you’ll be better able to strategize, use your tools, and reach your target audience!

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