Even qualified leads may not be ready to buy right then and there, so they need to be guided through the sales funnel. No one is going to marry you after only a few days of knowing you (unless you’re on a reality show), and lead nurturing operates on the same basic principle. It covers every aspect of your sales funnel, and it means providing your MQLs with content relevant to their goals and/or pain points.

Do It For The Growth

Lead nurturing will not only result in boosting your conversions and revenue, but it will also generate more leads! The nurturing journey is one that your partners will share with the other organizations they’re partnered with, which means more leads for you that are ready to buy!

What Does Lead Nurturing Accomplish?

Shortens your sales cycle

Builds rapport and trust between you and your prospects

Helps you stay relevant in your industry and top of mind for your prospects

Makes prospects aware of other services you offer that they may not have considered

What Should You Be Doing?

Dynamic Content

Utilize personalized content that addresses your prospects directly and makes them feel special and understood.

Think Outside of Email

You don’t just send one email and then sit back. You need to appear on multiple platforms so your prospect always has your name on their mind. Buy ads! Make TikToks! Be everywhere!

Score Those Leads!

Not all leads are the same; some are going to be more worthy of your time than others. Segment your leads by how aligned they are with your ideal customer profile and how likely to buy they are so you can focus your efforts on where they matter most.

Plan Your Content

Figure out a focus for the month, and build your content around that topic. At the end of it, you’ll have comprehensive coverage of a specialty, and after the month ends, you can compile it into something like a video or eBook, and you can refer to it with prospective partners.

Departments Working Towards a Common Goal

Marketing isn’t alone in this! They need the sales team, the customer support team, and the creative teams to fully and effectively strategize the most optimal nurturing journey. Teamwork makes the dream work!

It’s About Building a Relationship

Every piece of content you put out into the world is an invitation for potential partners to get to know your organization better. Those first bits of outreach are you inviting the organizations you want to work with to VIP brunch, and lead nurturing is you showing all the 5-star reviews and describing the mimosa bar to them. You have what they want already, you just need to let them know that you’re the ones to deliver it better than anyone else, and that means building trust and rapport!

If you aren’t sure where to begin, our team of experts already knows what you need. All you need to do is schedule your free demo today! Why give your competition the opportunity to steal your leads? Act now and lead your industry!

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