Your marketing person can’t handle your lofty goals on their own… There, we said it.

It’s nothing against them! We’re sure that they’re good at what they do, they get the job done, and when you assign them a task, you probably feel confident that it will get done. That’s great! We’re just… Concerned.

There’s a tendency for organizations to recognize the value of marketing itself, while doing their best to save as much money as possible when it comes to doing the work, which leads to teeny tiny marketing teams. You may think there’s nothing wrong with a tiny team, and in many ways, there isn’t! Like we said, they get the job done, and you get to focus your time and efforts elsewhere. The problem with downplaying this aspect of your business is that there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing. A lot of specialized knowledge goes into many specific individualized facets, and when you have a small team, you’re expecting them to learn a lot of things in a way that leads to them executing them pretty well.

“Pretty well” will get you by, but in a way that leaves money on the table. Here are some things that you might be missing out on by not having specialists handle your marketing (if at any point you feel that you could benefit from a team of specialists, or just want to get a feel for what that would look like, schedule a demo with us. We are the specialists of which we speak):

Is That… A Default Template?

Hear us when we say that you need to stop doing this immediately. The default template is great when you’re starting out, but reliance on it is going to cost you ROI and conversions.

This goes for both landing pages and emails. The fact of the matter is that your prospects can spot a default template from a mile away, and they think it looks… well, spammy. It looks low quality, and it can lower the amount of trust a prospect has in you. It saves you money, but if it’s costing conversions, then how much is it saving in the long run?

Adding a designer to the team to get those templates lookin’ fly is your best bet for long term strategy. You know what they say about first impressions!

Your Data Ain’t Lookin’ So Hot

Data management is another skill that often goes overlooked when it comes to marketing. It happens all too often that all those beautiful numbers are thrown haphazardly into an excel sheet and left to wither.

That data should be respected! Raised to the heavens! How else will you formulate your strategy going forward? Don’t just go with your hunches. Instead, act on your data!

Need help making a dashboard? Hey, we do that too! Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? Read more about improving your dashboard game in our article here.

Please Don’t Send Everything To A Master List

This is a big one. Too often, organizations will collect email addresses from their prospects, and that’s it!

That’s their list! All marketing materials go to all those people, lacking any semblance of nuance or personalization. The prospects don’t feel special, and conversion stalls out.

With a well-made engagement studio, you can determine precisely where a prospect is within the sales funnel, send them marketing materials that take that into account, and have it all done automatically. It’s another piece of your marketing puzzle that takes time and know-how to set up, but once you have it established, it’s easy to make tweaks and updates that allow for fine-tuning of your strategy.

Automating those email campaigns not only saves you time and money, but it will net you increased ROI as well because you now know where to go with your campaigns based on what you know from the data in your dashboards. From that data, you’ll also be able to determine which of your email templates performs the best with your prospects!

It’s all connected.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much that goes into running a successful digital marketing campaign that we haven’t even come close to mentioning it all in this article. It pays to be aware of where you might be coming up short, and if we’ve made you reconsider your choice to have only one or two marketing people on your team, then we’ve done our job here today.

We have so much more we can teach you, and our specialists exist in this world. We live for this stuff. Requesting a free demo from us here at SalesLabX is a great next step in having your eye opened to a world of possibility. We have a full-fledged marketing team including designers and coders right here, so why not utilize that resource?

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