The VIVID Arts and Culture Exhibit is a mixed media art and music exhibition showcasing rising BIPOC and underrepresented creatives from Houston and surrounding areas.

Saturday, May 21, 2022
11am - 4pm

Elevate Creative Studios

1919 N Main St Studio 8,
Houston, TX 77009

FREE to attend, registration required.

"Exploring &

"Exploring &

Event Agenda

11 AM

Doors Open/Welcome

12 PM

Live Musical Performance

1:30 PM

Film Presentation

2 PM

Artist Presentation

3 PM

Closing Remarks

Featuring food trucks, live music, and light drinks.

Featured Artists

Azubuike Akunne

Azubuike Akunne is a multi-disciplinary artist & designer. His work gives thanks to the greatness of mother earth by showcasing raw metal materials. The harshness of metals combined with the soft realization that metals are from and of the earth. ​

Coco Ezebuogo

Coco Ezebuogo is currently a college student studying Graphic Design at the University of Houston. She is a local artist who loves creating paintings mainly with acrylics. Her artworks have transitioned into expressions of her human experience using a mixture of surrealism and expressionism.


Gyanewah was born and raised in Ghana but has lived her adult life in America. She is a self-taught artist and her work is a combination of acrylic painting, sculpture, and mixed media. She explores aspects of femininity, womanhood, her experiences as a black woman, her Ghanaian culture, and lost love.

Dita Montana

Dita Montana's creative work includes painting, printmaking, installation and sculptures. Her artwork also explores the relationship between abstract, cubism and surrealism. With influences like Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Keith Haring, new synergies are created from older and modern inspirations.

Ofili Designs

Chukwunonso Ofili, is a product designer, artist, and entertainer. His art centers around illustrating images of the Afrocentric culture that triggers conversation. The desire to expand the taste and reach of his culture has driven him to be a tireless supporter of the art and artistic expression, especially in the Nigerian community.

Chelsea Taymes

Chelsea Taymes uses several themes throughout her paintings to convey the expressions of her inner self and experiences. Inspired by Edward Hopper, her work also explores the nature and value of melancholy in a highly complex mood-like state involving a blend of pain, pleasure, and positive/negative emotions.

Naiomi Banderos

Naiomi is a self-taught freelance artist from Southern California and has been professionally painting for 2 years. She currently displays her artwork at a few local cafes and galleries in Houston, TX. She tends to paint her subjects in unique ways to invoke emotions of the viewers.

Crayton Gerst

Crayton Gerst was born in 1997 in Dallas, TX. He currently lives and works in Houston, TX. Crayton is a filmmaker working across many genres to document and explore the Black experience. Gerst’s work includes two international documentaries, a six-episode mini-series, and work on numerous films, commercial projects, and music videos.

Tori Charles

Tori Charles is a visual artist who specializes in mixed media and oil painting. She is a Louisiana native who works in the mental health field as a therapist. Painting allows her a safe space for self-expression and an opportunity to process her experiences as a woman in modern-day society.

Diamond Ashmond

Diamond also known as D. Gemm is a Houston-based multi-faceted artist who began her professional art career in 2015. Diamond found her passion for the arts through the connections created with collectors, models, and clients. Diamond creates contemporary artwork with themes of nature, spirituality, and the appreciation of love and human life.

Manjusha Antony

Manjusha Antony is an artist specializing in Quilling Art/Glass Paintings. Check out her Instagram to see some of her most recent work.

Event Vendors

Pipe & Palette

Pipe & Palette hosts high end makers and artisans. They also teach beginner's art to individuals who crave to create. Their goal is to teach and sell art that they find not only amazing, but useful.

Octavia's Buz Hut

Octavia's Buz Hut is a scratch-cooking food truck. They will open your eyes to a new way of eating. Check out their Instagram for updates on their location throughout the year.

Joe + Monroe

Joyaa began making candles as a hobby but that soon developed into a business. Her Love of luxury candles along with the opportunity to create them through the joining of art and science is how the Joe + Monroe candles came to be.

Cosmic Apparel

Cosmic Apparel is an online Zodiac clothing store. They create unique pieces made just for you, no matter what your sign is.

Waistbead Diaries

Waistbead Diaries is the diary of becoming the creative version of you through custom pieces that bring forth clarity, healing, abundance, and love.

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FREE to attend, registration required.
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Saturday, May 21, 2022 | 11am - 4pm


Elevate Creative Studios
1919 N Main St Studio 8, Houston, TX 77009