Get Seamless Multi-Touch Attribution, Without Counting on Sales Reps.

SLX Auto Attribution ™ , simplifies and supercharges Multi-touch Attribution for every Salesforce org, no matter the sales cycle and user adoption level. Now included free in every SLX SF or Full Plan!

How It Works

Learn how SLX Auto Attribution™ solves Salesforce & Marketing Automation Campaign ROI Reporting, permanently.

Invisible Influencers

Track all of your marketing influence.

Your sales reps most likely are not adding every member of an opportunity that marketing has touched. This could be because they don’t see it as a value add, or they don’t know that someone on the account they are reaching out to has been interacting with marketing assets. We solve this by creating custom roles and automatically assigning them to opportunities based on a predefined criteria. This way every contact is added to an opportunity, perfectly, every-time. Taking 100% multi touch attribution from a dream to a reality.

Dynamically Select Your Model

Multi-touch, first-touch, last-touch and everything else.

Your sales journey might be a little complex, someone will visit your website, get a white paper, and register for a webinar all before they even talk to a sales rep. How do you know what to give influence to and when? With SLX Auto Attribution™ you can dynamically select when to give credit to what, and toggle your reporting when needed!

Account Based Marketing

Uncover every step in your journey

If you have been leveraging Account Based Marketing or want to start, SLX Auto Attribution™ is the one tool that will jump start your journey. Automatically adding campaign members and influence gives you the clearest visibility to your end to end journey mapping.
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Discover Campaign Influence & Automatically Add Members

SLX Auto Attribution™ shows you which campaigns are influencing opportunities to be created and closed.

End to End

Tap into more than just automation, get access to SalesLabX direct implementation specialists. We will work with your IT team or completely own implementation in as little as two weeks.

Unburden Sales Reps

Sales reps can get back to selling, and away from data entry. Stop trying to train your reps to consistently set lead source, primary campaign and fill out contact roles whenever they create opportunities. Set it and forget it with SLX Auto Attribution™

Custom To Your Environment

B2B environments are our core area of proficiency, and we make life easy for SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise environments. Each implementation is tailored for your specific environment, with continuous updates and one call support!

Learn how industry leaders automate attribution.


Get 100% coverage of all marketing influence, automatically, every time.

Marketing Tips to Do More With Less (Budget)


Experience true visibility into Marketing’s influence on Sales. “I do what you tell me to and I never forget to do it!”

Marketing Tips to Do More With Less (Budget)


Experience true visibility into Marketing’s influence on Sales. “I do what you tell me to and I never forget to do it!”