Real-Time Revisions

Have a revision to an SLX design? Get it in by 12pm CST and you will get an update by 5pm CST the same day. Ask your Account Manager for more information today

Pro-Active Projects

Ever wonder how it would feel if someone knew what you wanted before you said it? Introducing Proactive Projects, included now in your Full SLX subscription. You get one fully designed project added to your board once a month automatically. We use industry trends and our knowledge of your account to built a custom project for you every month.


Create Campaigns from
Start to Finish

Fully Coded &
Tested Emails

Unlimited Designs
& Revisions

Submit. Review. Approve.

Setting up a design task is a simple and efficient process that is included in the SalesLabX Full Plan. Design will analyze, create, and execute all your creative demands with a seamless connection to Pardot and Salesforce.

Each account is allowed an unlimited number of Tasks and Revisions with only 3 on-going Design Request tasks at a time. Same day revisions for all requests submitted by 12pm CDT. All requests after 12pm CDT will have a next day turn around.

User or Account Manager will

Submit a Task

in Asana and assign it to the Account Manager

Accounts may only have 3 open design request tasks at a time.

Account Manager reviews the task -

Design Begins Task

Design provides a

Design Proof

(GoVisually Link)

User reviews and submits

Design Revisions

or provides design approval through GoVisually

Please provide task updates in Asana for a quicker response/turn around.
(Ex. @design revisions requested / design approved)

Design provides a

Revised Design Proof

(new GoVisually link) in Asana

User provides additional revisions or

Design Approval

in Asana. Revisions requests before 12pm CST will have a same day turn around.

After receiving final approval in Asana the

Design is Tested

This phase takes up to one business day to complete.
The design will be coded for Pardot and cross browser tested.

Design sends Test Email or URL for

Final Design Approval

Additional revisions may be requested in Asana. These updates are meant to catch formatting issues or small content changes.

Please note, any design revisions requested after this point will be sent back to the design phase.

Approved Design in Pardot

The Design Team will publish the email or landing page in Pardot, schedule the email to send, add completion action to a form, or provide a finalized Landing Page url.

SalesLabX Boards

The boards are designed to give a clear picture of all Design tasks and their current work stage.



This is where the big ideas happen. New tasks begin here and are prepared to start the design process. We also help brainstorm and prioritize.


The task is ready for Design. SalesLabX reviews each task to ensure we have all necessary information to begin.


Your task in now being created by our Design team! We customize each design to best achieve your main goal for each task.


Your design is ready to review! Design provides a proof and works with users to revise each task.


The design has been approved! We work on finishing touches and all completion actions for each task. (Send emails, live landing page, etc)


Your task is now complete! The new design is fully connected with your Pardot and Salesforce journey.


Answering Your Frequent Questions

Design is available on the SalesLabX Full Plan.

Revisions are unlimited for every design! 

SalesLabX prefers a 24 business hour window to schedule a finalized and approved email. We can always work something out for you. Let us know your situation, and we will have a helpful solution.

Same day revisions for all requests submitted by 12pm CST. Requests after 12pm CST will have a next day turn around.

Questions about Design?

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