Express Pass

Fast emails for fast-moving organizations

Let’s Make This Quick…

We’re introducing a new feature! The SLX Express Pass allows valued SLX subscribers like yourself to bypass our traditional timelines for custom assets to create and deploy lightning-fast emails when you need them, using bullet-proof frameworks we’ve developed just for you.

Using our new Express Pass Task Builder tool, you will:


Select the framework you’d like to use for your email 


Provide the copy and images you’d like to use in each area of the layout


Specify whether you want us to publish the draft for you, or go ahead and schedule the send


Submit your request


Then, we’ll get it built and tested the same day! It really is that simple. 

We know that last-minute communications need to happen sometimes, and we know that can take time you don’t always have, which is why we introduced this alternative workflow for when you just need it done fast!

As always, SLX has your back.


We Have Answers

Of course! You can always request brand-new, conversion-optimized custom email designs from your Account Coordinator using the traditional process you know and love. Express Pass is just for when you don’t have time for those multi-day timelines and you need it done ASAP.

Not this time! Custom assets are created by our skilled designers, and skilled design takes time. Any custom creations would fall into our normal design timeline. But if you have the asset ready to upload, then we’re ready to make those changes!

Our talented US-based team needs to rest so they can keep creating top-notch assets, so all requests in the Express Pass workflow will be reviewed during our normal business hours, 9:00am CST – 5:00pm CST. Anything after hours will be reviewed at the beginning of the next business day, but you can bet that it will be a top-priority task!

Not yet! Right now Express Pass is just for creating and sending quick emails, but we’re looking forward to adding additional asset types in the near future!


Don’t let the need for quick and simple assets throw off your timetable. Get those emails sent fast with Express Pass, only from SLX.

Yes! We’ll send you a test email and you’ll have one hour to request edits after it’s sent before we proceed with scheduling/sending.

Still Have Questions?

Reach out to your account coordinator.