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Building a successful marketing strategy is a lot like building the perfect campfire.  It requires preparation and patience to really catch, but once you get it going it can provide so many benefits.  Every great idea you have is like a match, and every time you take steps to make your vision a reality, you’re striking that match. The issue is that sometimes that flame doesn’t have enough fuel or oxygen to survive. You may not have the technical knowledge or the time needed to take that tiny flame and make it into a roaring fire. We do. The SLX team can nurture that flame of an idea until it’s bright enough to see from space. No more burning out. It’s all shining boldly from here on out!
Bridge the gap between vision and execution
We understand your goals and we have the ability to transform them into actionable strategies within Salesforce and Account Engagement.
No need to explain everything
We’ll audit your data and your existing assets, so we’re able to grasp your ideas and see what’s working and what’s not.  Then we can translate them into precise automated workflows, saving you time, money, and effort.
Unlock the power of Salesforce and MCAE effortlessly
Our team of experts will handle all the technical stuff for you. You don’t need to be an expert in all the tools, you just need the right people by your side!
Focus on what matters most
Your Account Coordinator will ensure seamless execution when it comes to all your projects, leaving you free to make key decisions without worrying about every little detail.
Leave the heavy lifting to us
Our Salesforce Developers, MCAE experts, Designers, Developers, and Writers will handle all the intricate details of your landing pages, forms, emails, engagement studios, and social media posts. All that weight could be off your shoulders!
Unleash your true potential
Our Conversion Optimized Designers and MCAE Developers will optimize your assets for maximum impact. We’ll test everything and review your data to make sure every campaign decision is the best campaign decision!
Feel confident with expert guidance
Your personal Account Coordinator will provide valuable insights and recommendations for your marketing strategy each time you meet with them. They have a lot of knowledge, and they’re ready to put it to work for you!
Experience unlimited support
With our flat monthly rate, you can rely on us for continuous Salesforce and MCAE support, no matter the scale of your projects. Big or small, we do it all with no scope creep and no hidden fees.
Like your prospects, your ideas deserve to be nurtured. You deserve to trust that once you put those ideas out there, that they’ll be executed with the strategy and expertise needed to bring them to fruition. We already know everything we need to know to make that happen. All we need is you.

If you’re ready to make your marketing dreams come true, then we’re excited to work with you!