Welcome to V3!

New perks, easier process, smoother experience.

Here at SalesLabX, we like things efficient and clean.

Our goal is to make it easy on you, by keeping our processes simple and continuing to improve your experience.
We do this by listening to your ideas and feedback.

We’re partners in this, and when you say something, by golly, we hear it.
Introducing your new SLX V3 Upgrades!

What’s changing?

This labor of love was born from your feedback, and from our own experiences working with you. The goal of it all is to bring more transparency to your Asana project boards, implement new task optimization (designed to get you even faster results), and introduce you to our new success tool, Monthly Marketing Insights! So let’s break down the new upgrades!

Zero Subtasks
From many to none. It can be time-consuming having to search so hard for the info you need, so we decided that it’s better to just keep it all in one place and remove subtasks. Isn’t simplicity wonderful? Provide your AC with task details, email send information, screenshots, attachments, and links all within the main task.

Tracker-Style Board (Task Stage Transparency)
Don’t you love being able to visually track every stage of your pizza order and know exactly when it’ll be delivered without having to ask? Well, we’re bringing that level of transparency to the tasks on your Asana board! Your board will have new columns to show you what stage your task is under.

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Task Status Tags
New task status tags will be applied going forward for added transparency! Whether it’s 'Designing Your Proof', 'Building and Testing Your Asset', 'Finalizing', or 'Your Approval Needed', the guess work is being taken out of it. At a glance, You’ll be able to see what action is required on your part using color coded tags. Green colored tags mean "go and take a look", while gray colored tags will give insights on where we are in the process. You'll be able to see exactly what we’re doing with your task so you can prioritize other projects more easily based on their level of completion. That’s planning strategically!

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Goodbye, Design Tags!
Do you find Design Requests tags distracting and hard to manage? Let’s get rid of ‘em. In V3 our team will work on 3, on-going tasks at a time. With this, you can expect tidier Asana boards, optimized efficiency, less multitasking, and we’ll be moving projects along even faster with greater focus and care. What’s not to love?

Visible Recent Comments
We don’t want you to waste time scrolling through a large comments thread to find the most recent update from your AC. In V3, your AC will pin their most recent comment to the top of the comments thread. This is a no-scroll zone now. Just open your task, read the update, comment back, and go on about your busy day.

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Marketing Insights
This is a fun one! Our new success tool allows you to follow up to 15 of your competitors, and every month, we’ll send you a breakdown of their email messaging. We can tell you their most-used words, the frequency of their email drops, and other handy information that you can use to strengthen your strategy. It’s like having a spy on the inside drop dossiers of data into your inbox. We’re adding this helpful upgrade to all plans, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

​​When will the changes go into effect?

The updates will be going live on January 24, 2022. These changes have been a long time coming, and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

Your Asana board explained

With these fun upgrades, it might be hard to remember everything. Want a breakdown of each column in your Asana board and how our process works?

Questions and feedback?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your AC. Once the changes are implemented, we’d love to know what you think. Your feedback is always appreciated, and it got us here to V3. We’re not going to stop listening now!